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While the World Panics, India Profits

As the U.S. and EU are panicking at the volatility of their stock markets, gold continues to skyrocket to record highs – last week crossing the $1,800.00 barrier. Indian consumers, by virtue of its culture and gifting tradition, have already … Continue reading

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India Needs to Learn from the Arab Spring and Have a Peaceful Indian Summer

As protesters gather around India’s Parliament to express their frustration with India’s inability to properly address corruption, many wonder what should be done next to best help India address the endemic problem of corruption. The people of India need look … Continue reading

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Generation “Reset” Gives India and Pakistan Hope

For the first time in decades there is hope for real change in the India-Pakistan relationship. Long plagued by a history of four wars, tension over Kashmir and a game of nuclear brinksmanship, the relationship did not seem to have … Continue reading

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