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It is not the Indian Diaspora, it is the Bollywood Diaspora!

If you ask a 6 year old who is a 3rd generation Indian living outside India as to what they know of India, they are probably going to say Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan or a song from a movie. This … Continue reading

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6 copies of your passport picture, 3 copies of your PAN Card: Where do they all GO?

Before you read this post, you may consider I have been living in the United States and keep visiting India quite regularly. In the US, things like banking and drivers licenses have become more complicated post 9-11 but they are … Continue reading

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3BHK with Spacious Servant Quarters: Domestic Help, a unique market opportunity in India

Every time I visit India, I have been fascinated with the growing emphasis being placed by ads for apartments/homes on the increased comforts for domestic help in India. The joke always goes around that a typical housewife does not bat … Continue reading

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The new business buzz—Some yoga, Some Nariyal paani

I view Yoga as more than a form of physical practice. Yoga is a convergence of the mind and body through exercise and meditation. It is fascinating to watch the adoption of yoga in the West. The popularity of yoga … Continue reading

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