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Vote for the top 3 quirky rituals seen during this World Cup!

Just like many Americans carry lucky charms and follow “silly” superstitions (like not changing socks) amidst the “March Madness” college basketball championship games, Indians also practice similar quirky rituals to support their love for cricket. History repeats itself every world … Continue reading

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Indian Sniper!

If Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” excited Americans this January, Indians were amazed with the courageous account of two Indian snipers whose stunning story broke the age and gender stereotypes, leaving rural and urban Indian women inspired. I read this story … Continue reading

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How will banning a documentary help India in curbing rape cases?

The rape documentary banned in India made its U.S. debut at the City University of New York on 16th March, with actresses Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto also attending to show support for the controversial film. In India, the documentary … Continue reading

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Why do e-book readers fail to sell in India?

The bounty of free e-books has captured readers worldwide, but they are yet to break through the Indian market.  Why is it that a country almost obsessed with mobiles and smart phones shows no interest in e-readers? India has more … Continue reading

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