Beauty is in the Eye of the Consumer

Vaseline drew a lot of attention to itself recently through the launch of its skin lightening application on Facebook.  The product, targeted towards the Indian population , allows users to see how their skin would supposedly look with the use of a Vaseline-produced skin lightening cream.  The launch was not without controversy – but it is not indicative of the state cosmetics of the perception of beauty in India , rather it is a sign that all of us are striving to be what we are told is ideal.  Rather than get offended at the concept, let’s ignore the marketing and realize this is not indicative of a prejudiced world, but a marketing strategy to make us all ante in for ideal beauty and increase Vaseline’s revenues.  Rest assured, if the moment were to ever come when everyone in India became light-skinned, new products will come out that help you restore your natural, rich original Indian color .

I found it interesting that this campaign was launched in India, for here in America, on the other side of the globe, the sun tanning industry rakes in millions of dollars a year.  This leads to the conclusion that What this leads both sides to conclude is that no one is content with exactly who they are.  Even beauty queens wear make-up…as well as actors.  The cosmetic, beauty supply and perfume industry bring in $10 billion from over 13,000 stores annually, according to Hoovers.

We’re all trying to be the best we can be.  There’s no reason that grooming should be exempt from our pursuits. And while I see nothing wrong with products that allow people to lighten or darken their skin to a level that is to their liking, the key to all of this is that the consumer needs to be sure they’re doing this for reasons that are important to them, not for reasons that are being told to them.

Given all the money that goes into these campaigns it can be hard to distinguish your preferences from what you’re told your preferences should be.  But that is the real battle – it’s not a battle against world prejudice or against a product based upon racial paradigms, but a battle to figure out what matters most to you.

That,That is what will give you the greatest sense of inner peace – and this is what exudes true beauty.

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