Before “Make In India” there should be “Safe in India”


PM Modi needs to shore up women’s safety issues before inviting MNC’s

I applaud PM Modi in his quest to shore up the manufacturing base of India through his “Make in India” campaign. He has been across the world, pitching India as great manufacturing destination and at the same time introducing investor friendly policies.

However there is a flip side to the “Make in India” Campaign. Here we talk about “Safe in India”. We talk about, how safe, women are in India. It has been a general perception for people from abroad, relating to safety of women in India. Whether you travel by bus, walk down the streets or neighborhoods or the once thought of safe mode of transport for women, hire a cabs have also contributed to this cog in the wheel. Safety of women have always been a top of the mind question I get from people who have never been to India.

Here we pause to ask. How does it matter? It matters because, multinationals who invest in India, have a brand and image to protect apart from legal issues to worry about. Hence they would be keen on investing in a place where safety of their employees would not be compromised. Recently, there has been a big drumbeat by the prime minister about economic reforms, foreign investment etc. But then what good it is, if it’s not backed by good governance, administration, safety for women & security. These are must haves for FDIs to make their presence comfortable in India.

A recently concluded survey of the most dangerous cities for women, saw New Delhi coveting the fourth place.

For Investors to be comfortable, the mindset of People, Society, Police and Justice Delivery mechanism needs to be changed. India needs to portray itself as a safe haven for women.

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