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Are connected cars the safest road trip to the future?

Adding connectivity, intelligence and a level of awareness to vehicles is helping in defining an entirely new landscape for communication, convenience, infotainment and safety for a landscape of cars in the US. For readers wondering what exactly are connected cars—a … Continue reading

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10 funniest uses of Technology!

I find technology interesting in the way people interpret and innovate it in everyday use. Here are some funny uses of technology: Share your favorite pictures on creative uses of technology with me.

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Does wearable technology have a future in India?

Today’s wearable technology is more than $700 million industry (Source: IDC reports that the worldwide market for wearable devices will grow to $8 Billion by 2018. Many tech experts and magazines hailed the year 2014 as the “Year of … Continue reading

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Voice Mail: ‘Yes’ in the US and ‘None’ in India?

Is it true that Indians do not like leaving voice mails or recording messages on a phone? A complete opposite of this situation exists in America, where people talk to each other through voice mails. Not many Americans can imagine … Continue reading

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