Come Make in India sounds louder today on Engineer’s Day

MUMBAI_METRO_1938506fProduction of Medical equipments, Sanitation and Defence equipments set to make India a global leader

India ranks highest in the number of Engineers passing out of colleges every year. With over 1.5 million engineers currently playing key roles in the way the world looks at India, PM Modi himself has a huge expectation from the community. The occasion abundantly highlights the need of the hour by asking the ‘evergreen’ battalion of engineers to step into the picture and play a bigger role. As the Indian Prime Minister sets on his next foreign trip to USA, engineers do anticipate a sea of opportunities waving at them. Chances are Indian engineers will get top-grade infrastructure to showcase their skills and deliver high-end products matching the expectations of the Western world.

India observes today, 15TH September, as Engineer’s Day. Celebrating the 154th Birth anniversary of India’s most influential engineer, Sir M Visvesvaraya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the community and delivered an inspiring comment on why Enginner’s Day could mark the revival of excellence in manufacturing of medical devices, defense equipments and sanitary infrastructure.

Sir MV as he was popularly called, Visvesvaraya transformed the face of many cities during his stint in the Public Works Department of the Government of Bombay. Indian engineers derive their inspiration to dig deep into the issues and finding answers from the rural belt from MV. The zeal to find an innovative solution with recyclable capabilities is owed to Sir MV. As India approaches 2020, MV’s mission is as much a driving force as former President Kalam’s vision. Engineers have a definitive role to play in making a reality out of Modi’s Independence Day speech as well. Transforming the infrastructure and making new cities is a huge task that is not possible unless the technical experts step into the scene. Sir MV built drainage systems in Hyderabad that still maintains the city’s lifeline with minimum blocks.  Bihar and Orissa were reeling under floods and droughts when MV stepped in with his rail bridges and water irrigation schemes. The commercial capital of India- Mumbai, then Bombay, saw the most advanced set of water weir gates and automatic sluice gates for a world-class dam irrigation system that still continues to awe many engineering students. Credit goes to MV to put India on the charts of Dam building when he built the KSR dam in Mysore. It was the biggest man-made water holding structure in Asia during that time. Bhakra Nangal, Hirakund and Nagarjuna Sagar dams are all part of his grand design that got their flying wing post-Independence. Narendra Modi has a sure shot agenda and nothing can come between the dreams and reality when the present crop of engineers have their hands full. US is already supplying India with Nuclear power initiatives.

The recent visit to Japan must have made the Prime Minister more ambitious and he rests his confidence in the present league of Indian engineers spanning across various streams. His dream to make Waterway, the most used mode of transport and connecting the river systems will bring the civil engineers and geologists together. China has already pitched in with infrastructure projects that promises to transform the scene of Indian Railways and ports.  Modi’s US Visit will further crank up his economic and academic projections, where it has a huge role for engineers and research technocrats. Same goes with building the world-class Bullet train network linking metro cities. Roaming issues and slower pace continue to bug the industry. Telecommunications and Computer engineers are eyeing faster and more efficient yet cheaper tariffs when it comes to communication. Space research, clean energy initiatives and cheaper medicine and vaccination manufacturing have all their core rested in the fertile sectors of engineering.

PM’s ‘Come make in India’ call can only bear fruit when the engineers get the right direction. We all know they are doing the best of what is available… It can be much better.

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