Customer Service – India can teach the World

Air travel can get on your nerves sometimes. To put in with the frequent delays, bad food and cancellations, add a big dash of bad customer service and the ordeal can make you wobble. While there are a few above average airlines out there, the majority lack on the grounds CS.

As a frequent traveler shuttling between cities across the world, I often notice travelers suffering from dearth of customer service. The airlines treat passengers as a necessary evil and not as someone who is entitled to have his comfort, and definitely not as someone who helps pay their bills. I guess the same is seen in the hotel industry, especially in the US and few countries in the west. This is something that Indian hotels and airlines excel in. They surpass the standards on any 5-star category hotel in the West. If you have been to a 5 Star Hotel in India, you must have experienced the pampering and keen attention to details by the Hotel. One starts believing in customer service again after being at one of these hotels.

On one hand we see more and more Indian students seeking out courses from top hotel management of foreign countries, and it would seem to me that people outside India should be queuing up to learn about customer service from this nation, in which ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (the guest is God) is part of the ethos. Indian hotels should be offering to teach Corporate America, especially Airlines and hotels.

Customer Service is not just a fancy ‘buzzword’ and airlines and the hospitality industry are in for a shock as they start to lose customers. The need for good customer service goes beyond hiring PR people to cover the mistakes, for the customer wants that the services improve. Customer decides. The customer is the new-age King.  Also it helps for companies to remember the basic rule of customer satisfaction— happy employees = happy customers. India may be the focus on some serious training in hospitality segment to the West. Ingrained with culture and ethics, Indians are better equipped dealing with customers and have excelled at services in most 5-star category hotel. Something to ponder on for all those customer-oriented services..

  • Customers need and demand prompt service, ease of information—don’t make us scourge a lobby to find an information kiosk/CR
  • A polite demeanor doesn’t hurt in the worst of cases (even if they appear lunatic at times 🙂
  • Verbal instructions, mentors and demonstrations HELP!
  • Give the customer some credit for being with you—understand he is short of time and would rather not choose another service—so retain him with service

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Sanjay Puri


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