Ganga Cleanup: No Problem, CCTV’s: No Problem, Statues: No Problem

Solution: Modi Suit, Kejriwal Muffler, Maywati Shawl

Modi-SuitlThere has been a recent trend in Indian politics to offer freebies so that they can attract voters. The list is long but some examples are interesting: free tablet computers, free TV, free water, free electricity, waiver of loans etc. etc. However when the leaders who offered all these freebies come to power they realize that the math does not add up. Then the choice is for them to either leave their state/voters with unfulfilled promises or to leave a huge deficit for their state. Everyone has their pet projects: PM Modi has his Ganga cleanup efforts, Kejriwal has 15 lac CCTV’s, Mayawati wants her statues etc. etc.

However with the recent auctioning of Prime Minister Modi’s suit for Rs. 4.3 crore has probably triggered off a great rush in the minds of the politicians. I can visualize monogrammed Kejriwal mufflers to be auctioned off to pay for the CCTV’s; Mayawati will auction off her personally monogrammed shawls at her next birthday to pay for the Statues of herself and her icons. This is transparency according to them it does not involve a “Pay it forward” mechanism. What do you think?


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