Guaranteed Market Expansion, In 30 Minutes or Less

When Domino’s Pizza first swept America, they did so with their catchy slogan guaranteeing delivery in “30 minutes or less.” Legal troubles with car accidents of delivery drivers caused the company to revise and briefly dismiss their slogan. But, the slogan caught on with Americans and has helped turn Domino’s into a corporation with over 9,500 stores under operation spread throughout 60 nations around the world. Not content with stopping there, Domino’s now sees it’s biggest growth potential in India.

As Domino’s President and CEO J. Patrick Doyle said, “India is the fifth largest market after the US, UK, Mexico and Australia and continues to grow incredibly fast. It will probably become fourth largest market in the next year or so.”
Beyond that, Doyle stressed that India is the fastest growing market.

Results are already being seen from the Dominos’ efforts. According to the latest data, system sales have grown at a rate of over 50 percent and continue to penetrate the market with new stores.

Plans for growth include adding over 80 stores this year. Further down the road, the company seeks to double the stores in the next five years.

In 2010, Domino’s globally registered sales of $6.2 billion (US). That’s roughly $.90 from every man woman child on the planet.

Rest assured, for those of you who like Indian cuisine, the chain has plans to tweak the menu just slightly to add that extra bit of Indian zest to the Domino’s menu.

Bon Appétit! We’ll check in on Domino’s growth in 30 minutes or less.

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