I know what you did last summer…and will do again this summer!

It’s summer time!  Hot in the city, for sure!  And those in India who can, should get out of town for a brief reprieve.

Included in India in the privileged group that can head out are some of our nation’s top politicians.  Many will be heading to cooler climates – which is their right.  However, many more will be doing so under the guise of a citizen-funded trip.

It is well known in the halls of all Indian government offices, that an international summit or conference can serve as a chance to see some of the world’s greatest places – during some of the nicest seasons.  These trips are generally paid for in full by taxpayers or host nations.  It’s a practice of most governments and I acknowledge it does some good.

I wouldn’t begrudge an official for taking these trips.  I just don’t want them to forget why they’re taking them.  I would therefore propose a 1:1 ratio for all such tax-funded junkets. That is, during the upcoming summer, for every day you spend outside of India on taxpayer funds, you should also spend 1 day in the problematic areas of your constituency.

What can be so offensive about such trips is that they take place while the government is forcing the general population to endure austerity measures.

Seems fair to me…Because while I won’t begrudge you for establishing personal connections outside of India – I would also like to see you establish those connections with the people who pay for those connections!

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