Is Arnab Goswami of Times Now India’s answer to Bill O’ Reilly of Fox News?

Brash, unabashed, bold, loud and upfront, Arnab Goswami is synonymous with heckling his guests and telling them what he thinks of them. Courting ire, controversy and impatience, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the popular Indian channel Times Now. His live debate show, News Hour is one to watch out for; he is known for grilling his guests to the point of edginess, tension and confusion with his point of view and the quest for truth. His recent interview with India’s ruling party, Congress’ Prime Ministerial candidate, Rahul Gandhi on his other show, Frankly Speaking with Arnab Goswami revealed his tenacity to seek the truth and get it out, at times bordering on being right all the time. However, he has an eye for details and his interviews illustrate his meticulous preparation of the questions he asks. He reminds one of America’s most popular Cable TV host and anchor, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News with his resolve to speak his mind accompanied by his trademark – ‘The Spin stops here’.


Here is why I feel Arnab Goswami and Bill O’Reilly are similar. They personify the very idea and action of indignation itself. India continues to suffer from numerous scandals like rape, corruption and honor killings. In such a scenario, Arnab Goswami brings to light the furor, mayhem and rage. And this is exactly the reason why politicians are ridiculed as being answerable to him once they appear on his shows. They look like they revere him as a defender of Indian national interests and venerate him as they perhaps do the parliament. Leaving humor aside, he does show the other side of every scam highlighted in the news; and with his skill to pound politicians he does shed light on the scheme of things related to national security, good governance, education, corruption and security. He is a personality that you can either hate or admire–you can’t certainly ignore him!

Bill O’Reilly cannot be ignored either. Similarly, he highlights and outrages the American society with the diverse issues of the day. No stranger to storm and trouble, his take on various issues like the ATF Fast and Furious, Benghazi fiasco and Obamacare are well known. He also was able to get President Obama as a guest during the Super Bowl.

Today, both Goswami and O’Reilly have things in common: top ratings, deriding guests like lambs for slaughter during interviews and yelling at the latter.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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