No weekend Blues in India

Weekend blues are a phenomenon that Americans are very familiar with. Sunday evenings gets most people in a funk since they start thinking of the week ahead.  On the other hand in India I noticed that Sunday evenings are times to brighten up Indian social lives on a typical Sunday when families and friends like to spend time in a mall/shop— watching the latest film in town and socializing at restaurants with an assortment of world’s ethnic foods.


Weekend/Sunday evenings are shopping time in India (top image), whereas malls in the US wear a deserted look (bottom image)

Usually malls and shops close down at 6pm on a typical Sunday in the US and everything is empty later in preparation for the work week ahead. People do not go out or generally plan on something outside since they suffer from ‘weekend blues’—a phenomenon unknown to typical working-class Indian. Sunday evening is usually family time out in India. Go to a mall in India and Sunday evenings are fun times, away from the niceties’ of planning and worrying for a whole week!

With new malls cropping up in big cities with fancy eating joints and play zones for kids offering car rides, 4-D movies and fun-filled games, the whole weekend experience seems to evolve around activity-inclined Sundays that are some what a mixture of family time clubbed with activities that people do not usually indulge in.

So does a typical Indian like to work all through the week and have some fun time on weekends or perhaps it is a time to do something different on a Sunday? Is it that India has a 6-day work week or probably it’s just a cultural thing where every day is a weekend or simply that people are more laid back!! I think it is a mix of all for some and as far as weekends are concerned, perhaps the average working-class Indian has been settling down with a culture adopted from the West and neatly fitting it into Indian system with strong family values.

Can we bring the same feeling back to the US so that everyone is not dreading Monday’s and the malls don’t look like ghost towns on Sunday evenings?

Sanjay Puri

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