@PMO: Declare Sainik Diwas as a Public Holiday!


Today is Veterans Day in the USA and it is a public holiday, which is recognized, by the President and other leaders around the country by paying their respects to the sacrifices of approx. 19.6 million Veterans (Source: U.S. Census bureau).  The US has fought twenty-one wars since the end of World War I and it is still engaged in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and has troops stationed in South Korea and other regions. Which other country comes to mind that has been engaged in so many conflicts and is surrounded by two nuclear armed neighbors with which it has fought wars. India ranks 3rd amongst the largest armies in the World and its Veterans that number around 1,325,000. While most nations across the world celebrate Veterans Day as Remembrance Day or Armistice Day, India too will have her own celebration for the veteran soldiers.

This Prime Minister is working hard to bring national pride back to India and I admire his initiative to honor the sacrifices of the founding fathers like Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel. However the time has come for the Prime Minister to designate one day where its leaders remember to honor the ones who lay down their lives for the freedom that its people enjoy. This will bring honor to the armed forces and pride in people joining the armed forces as a good career choice. It will also restore pride and honor to the families of the ones who make sacrifices to protect the harsh terrains in India.

India has started celebrating holidays popular in the US like Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc, that were created primarily to prop up retailers in the US but this is one holiday that is truly a worthy where the PM can lead by example. Just like the Swachh Bharat campaign, celebrating the Sainik Diwas on similar lines as Veterans Day, can project the importance of the armed personnel in making India what it is today.

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