Why this blog

Because I am trapped in a bipolar world, I see things in India that amaze me as an American and I see things in America that astound me as an Indian. So instead of therapy, I took to writing about them. I like to pen on aspects that are close to India & the US, the two countries I live in, and which I truly believe have immense potential for collaboration, entrepreneurial exchange, trade and growth. There are different Indian American Social Groups, Communities and Indian-American Entrepreneurs living in the US with a wealth of experience to share. Through this blog, I wish to connect with them as also with Indians in the US, Americans and a broad spectrum of NRI community thriving across the globe.  They probably share my perspective, and I think these experiences can lead to cultural, economic and social wins. If it takes a pen to connect—this is it! I like to share my views and exchange yours via my posts on a range of topics.