Optimos Inc.

Sanjay Puri is the Chairman of Optimos Advisory Board. He founded Optimos in 1994. Sanjay won a grant from NIH to develop an expert system to diagnose patients with Alzheimers disease. This ultimately led to the creation of Optimos Inc. During the early years his recruitment of employees included re-training of whitecollar workers who were laid-off from a telecommunications industry in decline through the support of a retraining grant from the State of Virginia.

The company’s first client was the World Bank to assist them in their implementation of Lotus Notes. The company subsequently has grown by providing enterprise application expertsise to its clients. Optimos is a recognized name in the industry and it blends business and technology excellence to pursue strategic technology solutions for the public sector. Leveraging the best technology platforms with best-of-breed solutions from some of the brightest minds in the business, Optimos has earned a stellar reputation among its many clients.


Sanjay is passionate about education in India. He believes that education is the solution for removing the economic disparity in India. . He believes in an a technological world there is a lot of room for people to read and learn without the traditional cost associated with it. This is the one of driving ideas behind Bookchums. Bookchums is an online community for booklovers and students, connecting its readers and followers with latest books, book reviews and related activities. BookChums’ is the largest free ebooks site with over 50,000 books. It has a virtual book share program initiating book exchange amongst its book club members. It also circulates newsletters to its members with latest book trends. .


USINPAC first set up base in Washington D.C. in the year 2003 before it spread its wings and started its operations in New Delhi in the year 2005. The main reason behind the formation of USINPAC was to present a unified voice to the Congress and impact policies that concern the Indian American community. USINPAC also began working closely with other Indian-American organizations to promote fair and balanced policies, and create a platform to enable the entry of Indian Americans in the political process. One of the most significant events in USINPAC’s history was its success in impacting the passage into law of the US-India civilian nuclear cooperation agreement in 2008. USINPAC was at the forefront of advocating and lobbying the U.S. Congress and Indian policymakers from the deal’s inception in 2005.


AUSIB (Alliance for US India Business) focuses on higher education collaborations, trade and business promotion initiative between India and the United States. AUSIB is a leading non-profit trade association that helps businesses succeed in the United States and India. AUSIB continues to be instrumental in building the bridges of trade, business and educational cooperation between the United States and India.


AUTONEBULA is a connected transport incubator, accelerator and investment fund. We help accelerate the adoption of smart, innovative transportation technologies resulting in economic and social value.


Wellisen Nutraceuticals produces organically grown nutritional supplement Spirulina, an organic substance derived from blue green algae arthrospira maxima. The dried powder of the algae contains 60% protein and used widely as a dietary whole food. It also contains vital vitamins and minerals making it a complete food used in various supplement forms (e.g., capsules) for a range of health benefits.


KALOUPI is founded by technology entrepreneurs, with 25 years of industry experience supporting federal contractors and government in technology, enterprise and back office service solutions. We collaborate with our clients to achieve strategic growth, navigate challenges, and create new opportunities.