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Like Bollywood, Mangoes should be a Cultural Export from India!

Summer time is mango time in India and the fruit markets in India are flooded with delicious variety of mangoes! If Bollywood and cricket rule over Indian hearts, mangoes make a close call as most Indians are crazy about this … Continue reading

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Indian Retail needs to breathe some Seattle air!

I have 3 favorite retailers in the world. Two of them are regular store fronts and one is an online retailer. There are two things in common with them— absolutely fantastic customer service and they are headquartered in Seattle, Washington. … Continue reading

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BRICS Have Become a Wall

As India hosts yet another BRICS summit, we need to step back and realize that this clever acronym to describe burgeoning economies needs to be re-examined. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) The New Delhi event … Continue reading

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding is a Big Fat Opportunity

Everyone knows the over the top Indian weddings with the elephants, the helicopters dropping flowers and no one begrudges the wedding family for showing off their happiness to the world, on the day that is one of the most significant … Continue reading

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