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Puff against the naff: Smoke without a vapor?

Non-smokers in the US tend to fret over passive smoking they are forced to indulge into especially in public places. If smoking was silently killing a smoker, now you have e-cigarettes that flare up reactions from smokers, non-smokers and anti-tobacco … Continue reading

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Uttarakhand: Is it the wrath of Nature or a Lackadaisical Nature?

God has his way or does he! The recent disaster in Uttarakhand striking the god-loving pilgrims in Kedarnath, Badrinath and others areas in the state can be interpreted as the wrath of Lord Shiva by his devotees, but it can … Continue reading

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How about the ‘real’ Forbes List of India’s Richest?

Tapping the great market opportunity of the unlisted 30%! Forbes is popular for listing down India’s richest people publishing their amassed wealth based on public documents and the share value of their publicly traded companies. This is all official. But … Continue reading

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