The new business buzz—Some yoga, Some Nariyal paani

I view Yoga as more than a form of physical practice. Yoga is a converyogagence of the mind and body through exercise and meditation. It is fascinating to watch the adoption of yoga in the West. The popularity of yoga has led to the growth of an entire eco-system around it, which is over $5.7 Billion with 16 million consumers.

For entrepreneurs it is a clear sign that an aging population and a growing awareness of health in the west is drawing people to look at various non-traditional alternatives.

To me, my good ol’ coconut waterNariyal paani aka coconut water has become a huge best seller and it seems like everyone is drinking it for health reasons. I believe there is a fortune waiting to be tapped from a wedge of health and wellness foodstuffs. Sipping my fresh coconut water, I can’t but think of the next blockbuster product to emerge.

For entrepreneurs who are watching trends and looking for some ideas, I am listing below my target list:

  1. Neem
  2.  Turmeric
  3. Amla
  4. Tulsi

The medicinal and therapeutic properties of Neem, popular as Indian Lilac would make it a wonder herb for health and beauty products. To me, introducing Neem to the West seems like a well-meaning stroke of chance and business acumen. Turmeric is also popular as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial channel for the body. India for ages has used turmeric in everyday food as a natural liver detoxifier and blood purifier. Amla, for instance is a wonder-fruit that’s compared to ‘Amrita’ (nectar) of the heavens, whose regular consumption is known to work as anti-dote for some ailments.

Tulsi, the Indian Basil is popular for its anti-oxidant traits. One such recent study by the DRDO scientists makes an interesting revelation. As per the scientists at DRDO, Tulsi not only carries anti-oxidant properties that help curb ill effects of radiation, but is also helpful for patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment. The research maybe in its trial stage but has shown some encouraging results. I mark Tulsi as the new export product to watch out for.

Please share your thoughts on more entrepreneurial ideas for export. Your feedback is welcome.

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