Time for the Kali to Stand Up

In the aftermath of the horrific gang rape and death of the 23 year old student in Delhi, there has been a surge in the demand for gun licenses by women in Delhi. According to media reports, the Delhi Police received 274 requests for licenses and 1,200 inquiries from women in over 15 days after the incident. Not only are women applying for licenses directly, parents of young girls also form a large part of this group.

The symbol of bravery - Rani Laxmibai

When it comes to serious evil cleansing, Indian women right from the mythological times have had their deadly weapons of choice such as the trishul (trident) and sword for Goddess Kali. In more realistic times, India has produced great warriors such as Rani Laxmibai who formed an army of women to fight the British. This army of women and Rani Laxmibai herself are even today examples of bravery for Indian society. And then there are women like former decorated police officer, Kiran Bedi, who is a living example of what women police officers can do. Of course, there have been weapon wielding Indian women, bandits and criminals who were just as feared as their male counterparts.

Revenge seeking wronged Indian women have long been depicted as Kali in Indian literature

Indian literature, films and television have long used the Kali Avatar analogy to depict the vengeance with which wronged women can payback the perpetrator. Mythological, the Goddess Kali used the trishul; it is only fitting that a woman of the 21st Century would use a gun. The incident in Delhi seems to have brought many reincarnated Kali’s to the forefront and it is about time to send a message to all who dare think that they can continue messing with Indian women. I am not advocating violence or gun ownership but I do want to remind all the men who take Indian women lightly that they do so at their own peril since they obviously have not read Indian history or mythology. The tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu is purported to be Kalki. I believe it might just be a female rudra avatar!

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