What to watch for in 2012

As the new year begins, many are wondering what lies ahead. While some fear the Mayans have predicted this will be the end of on Earth, I’ve made a few more modest predictions as to what you can keep an eye on in India this year.

The reality is that if any one of us could see the future clearly, we’d have made our fortune in Vegas some time ago.

That said, I think there are some trends which have carried us through 2011 that will tell us clearly what will happen in 2012.

I’ve listed the top three stories, but would like to know if you think I’ve missed one. If so, please share it in the comments section.

Infosys will retake it’s spot as one of India’s top companies: S.D. Shibulal and his new strategy will work well as companies everywhere transfer to cloud-based memory management.

India will become a more attractive place to invest for foreign investors, as new laws make it easier for them to invest. But, problems within the country with inflation will tamper some of this enthusiasm.

Mittal Steel will see a complete recovery from 2009-2011 dips, as global demand for steel reaches record levels.

Those are some of my thoughts on what to watch out for in 2012.  We’ll check back in in a few months to see how I’m doing on my predictions.

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