World, you’re hired!

That’s the great news out of New Delhi where Ukrainian national Stelmakh Leonid Lulia has been granted a work visa. The J.P. Morgan employee had previous been denied a visa by the Indian government because she did not meet the peculiar requirement of a minimum salary requirement of $25,000 per year.  Ms. Stelmakh’s salary of $23,591 just missed the cut.  She took the issue to court – and won!

This is good news.  Good news not only for Ms. Stelmakh; not only for J.P. Morgan; but for all of India.  What this symbolizes is the removal of bureaucratic constraints from the business sector.  The law previously limited companies from having more than 1% of their work force composed of foreign workers.  With this nettlesome obstacle out of the way, companies will be free to hire the best and brightest around the world.  While some may express caution, I assure you this will be a boon to Indian companies and consumers.

The arena of human resources is one where the free market works best with limited government restriction.  I am all for a nation providing jobs to its own workforce, and I am also for letting the most qualified people have the best options.  Repealing this law will do so.

In addition to allowing for the free flow of ideas and backgrounds, it is only fair, given the way that other nations have opened their doors to an Indian work force.  The H1-B visa program in the United States, though not without its controversy, is designed to allow American companies to get the best and brightest working for their companies.  I applaud the decision of the Indian courts and look forward to future decisions which will nurture the essence of free enterprise and promote the exchange of ideas across borders.

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